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International Mechanical Code (IMC) 10 Question Practice

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1. The quality of water supplied to evaporative cooling equipment shall be in accordance with the ________.

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2. Heat exchange equipment containing heat transfer fluids which are flammable shall comply with the International __________ Code.

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3. Listed and labeled hearth extensions for factory-built fireplaces, fireplace stoves and solid-fuel-type room heaters shall comply with ____________

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4. Unless adequately separated horizontally, plume discharges from cooling towers shall be a minimum of ______________ feet above any ventilation inlets to a building.

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5. Sauna heaters shall be ___________.

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6. Cooling towers shall be located to prevent ________________ from entering occupied spaces.

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7. The code official shall require construction documents and specifications to be prepared by a registered design professional when                                  .

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8. Registers for floor furnaces shall be placed a minimum of ___________ inches from draperies and similar combustible materials.

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9. The required ventilation opening into a sauna room shall be a minimum of _____ inches by ______ inches and located near the top of the door.

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10. A permanent warning notice shall be attached to the sauna room, stating in part “Do not exceed ______ minutes in sauna.”

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