EPA Practice 1

EPA Practice 1

This EPA practice quiz is specifically designed to prepare you for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification exam, a critical step for any HVAC technician working with refrigerants. This quiz simulates the format of the actual EPA exam, covering all the necessary topics such as refrigerant types, handling, recovery techniques, and environmental impact. The questions range from basic concepts to more complex scenarios, providing a comprehensive review of the material. Whether you’re aiming for Type I, II, III, or Universal Certification, this practice quiz will help you assess your current understanding, pinpoint areas for further study, and build the confidence needed to pass your EPA exam. Perfect for both beginners and experienced technicians, this tool is your key to mastering the essentials of responsible refrigerant handling and compliance with environmental regulations.

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If a reclamation facility receives a tank of mixed refrigerant, they may:

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Which of the following statements about “self-contained” recovery devices is true?

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Recovering refrigerant from a system in the vapor phase will minimize the loss of which of the following?

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A passive system-dependent recovery process for small appliances

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Why should the oil be removed from a low-pressure system at 130°F

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A typical setting for the high pressure cut-out control on a recovery unit used for evacuating the refrigerant from a low-pressure chiller is _______  psig.

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In the event of a large release of CFC, HCFC, or HFC refrigerant in a contained area which of the following is true?

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How many access valves are needed to recover the refrigerant on a sealed system with an operating compressor that has a completely restricted capillary tube?

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Where is the rupture disc located on a centrifugal chiller?

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After installation of a field piped split system, the unit should first be pressurized with:

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