Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed (Light Theme)

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Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed (Light Theme)

Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed (Light Theme)

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1. Heat exchange equipment containing heat transfer fluids which are flammable shall comply with the International __________ Code.

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2. For a radiant heating panel attached to wood framing, fasteners shall be a minimum of _______ inch from any element.

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3. In general, solar thermal equipment exposed to vehicle traffic shall be installed a minimum of                 feet above the floor.

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4. The code official has the authority to grant modifications to the code __________.

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5. An unvented gas log heater may be installed in a factory-built fireplace where the _____________

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6. The control side of a floor furnace shall have a minimum clearance of _______ inches.

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7. When provided to control the main burner operation of a sauna heater, a timer shall have a maximum operating time of __________ minutes.

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8. Unless adequately separated vertically, plume discharges from cooling towers shall be a minimum of __________ feet away from any ventilation inlets to a building.

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9. Where the depth of an excavation housing an appliance exceeds 12 inches below the adjoining grade, the walls of the pit or excavation shall be lined with concrete or masonry extending a minimum of                                   inches above adjoining grade.

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10. Roof and wall penetrations shall be flashed and sealed to prevent entry of                       .

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11. Listed and labeled hearth extensions for factory-built fireplaces, fireplace stoves and solid-fuel-type room heaters shall comply with ____________

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12. Which of the following installations is permitted to be backfilled prior to an underground inspection?

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13. Copper Alloy Tubing shall be supported every _______ feet when in a horizontal position.

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14. Notches in the top or bottom of solid wood joists are limited to                         of the depth of the joists.

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15. The code official has the authority to __________ the provisions of the code.

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16. Heat exchangers for solar energy systems shall have adequate protection to ensure that the potability of the water supply and distribution system is                  .

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17. Once a permit has expired because the authorized work was not commenced or was suspended/abandoned, a new permit may be issued at one-half the amount required for a new permit, provided the work has not been abandoned for more than                               .

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18. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems shall be designed and installed for efficient use of energy in accordance with the                        .

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19. Where attics or structural spaces are used as part of a passive solar system,                    of such spaces is not required where other approved means of controlling condensation are provided.

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20. Vented wall furnaces shall not circulate air from _________ to other parts of the building.

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21. The installation of a(n)                         is prohibited.

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22. Masonry heaters shall be constructed in accordance with the International ________ Code.

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23. The flash point of heat transfer fluids used in solar systems in Group F or H occupancies shall not be lower                                .

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24. Sides of pits or excavations used for appliance locations shall be held back a minimum of           inches from the equipment.

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25. Oil-fired floor furnaces shall be tested in accordance with UL _____________.

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26. Appliances installed in pits or excavations shall not come in __________ contact with the surrounding soil and shall be installed not less than 3 inches (76mm) above the pit floor

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27. Floor furnaces shall not be installed in___________ construction built on grade.

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28. Holes in webs of cold-formed steel studs in a nonbearing wall can be a maximum                       inches in length.

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29. Bored holes shall not be nearer than                            inch to the edge of the stud.

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30. Unless listed for such an installation, a unit heater shall not be __________.

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31. Tests performed by  __________ may be required by the code official where there is insufficient evidence of code compliance.

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32. If the permit has not been issued, an application for a permit is considered abandoned __________ days after the date of filing.

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33. The _________ shall be responsible for the maintenance of fuel gas installations.

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34. Unless otherwise protected from impact, appliances located in a public garage shall be installed a minimum of                       feet above the floor.

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35. Catwalks installed to provide the required access to rooftop equipment shall be a minimum of                 inches wide.

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36. An installation is not required to be brought into compliance if it is _________ at the time of adoption of the code.

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37. Reduced clearance protective assemblies for gas appliances shall be placed a minimum of           inch(es) from the appliance.

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38. For a label affixed to a listed fuel gas appliance, which of the following is not required information?

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39. Notches in the flange of a cold-formed steel stud in a bearing wall                               

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40. The minimum dimension of an outdoor combustion air opening is                    inches.

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41. Only in an emergency situation that poses an immediate hazard to life or property is the code official authorized to _______________.

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42. Unless otherwise protected from impact, appliances located in a private garage shall be installed a minimum of                         feet above the floor.

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43. Appliances located in an attic shall be provided with a level service space not less than            inches deep and              inches wide.

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44. A permanent approved means of access is required for appliances installed on roofs WAY, at a height exceeding                 feet.

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45. One set of construction documents shall be kept __________ while work is in progress.

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46. Galvanized steel ducts used for combustion air shall be constructed in accordance with the                       .

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47. Cuts, notches and bored holes are prohibited in trusses except where                            .

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48. The code official has the authority to allow temporary connection of an installation to the sources of energy for the purpose of ________________.

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49. _________ provide supporting documentation to verify that an alternative material or assembly complies with the intent of the code.

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50. Suspended mechanical equipment shall be installed a minimum of                   inches above the adjoining grade.

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