Master the Code: Engaging 10-Question IFGC Mastery Challenge

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IFGC 10 Question Random Practice Quiz

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1. Suspended mechanical equipment shall be installed a minimum of                   inches above the adjoining grade.

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2. Notches in the flange of a cold-formed steel stud in a bearing wall                               

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3. Tests performed by  __________ may be required by the code official where there is insufficient evidence of code compliance.

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4. Unlisted appliances                                .

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5. Guards are not required for rooftop appliances requiring service where                         .

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6. Combustion air requirements for appliances with power burners are determined by                         .

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7. The code official is authorized to accept reports of inspection by ____________.

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8. Appliances having an ignition sources shall be elevated such that the ignition source is not less than                   inches above the floor in a private garage.

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9. Where a reduction in clearance to combustible materials is permitted, the side clearance for an appliance is permitted to be reduced from 12 inches to a minimum of              inches by installing No. 24 gage galvanized sheet metal with a ventilated air space

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10. Where vehicles are capable of passing under an appliance installed in a public garage. the appliance shall be installed a minimum of                      inches higher than the tallest vehicle garage door opening.

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IFGC 10 Question Random Practice Quiz” is expertly designed to offer a quick yet effective review for those preparing for the International Fuel Gas Code (IFGC) certification. Each attempt of the quiz presents a unique set of 10 randomly selected questions, covering a broad spectrum of IFGC topics. This format ensures a diverse range of questions, challenging your knowledge on various aspects of fuel gas safety, code application, and installation requirements. Ideal for both reinforcement of learned concepts and identification of areas needing further study, this quiz is perfect for busy professionals seeking a flexible yet comprehensive study tool. Whether you’re just beginning your certification journey or are in the final stages of preparation, this quiz offers an efficient way to test your understanding and readiness for the IFGC exam.


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