Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed (Dark Theme)

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Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed (Dark Theme)

Practice Mechanical Journeyman Untimed

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1. Unless adequately separated vertically, plume discharges from cooling towers shall be a minimum of __________ feet away from any ventilation inlets to a building.

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2. IMC chapter 14 specifically regulates the design and installation intended to use solar thermal energy for space heating and cooling, domestic hot water heating, swimming pool heating or                     heating

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3. Other than on the control side, a minimum clearance of ___ inches is required on all sides of a floor furnace.

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4. Suspended oil-fired unit heaters shall be installed in accordance with __________.

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5. Where there is a conflict between a general code requirement and a specific requirement, the                          requirement shall govern.

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6. An application to the board of appeals shall be filed within                            days after a notice has been served.

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7. Unless the factory-built fireplace system has been specifically tested, listed and labeled for the installation, ____________ shall not be installed.

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8. Electric commercial clothes dryers shall be tested in accordance with __________.

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9. Equipment and appliances in solar thermal systems shall be installed in accordance with the                   .

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10. Holes in webs of cold-formed steel studs in a nonbearing wall can be a maximum                       inches in length.

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11. The discharge of the air shall be to the outdoors in accordance with Chapter 5. Exhaust from mechanical ventilation systems shall be discharged not less than _______ feet from a property line or openings into buildings.

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12. Where the depth of an excavation housing an appliance exceeds 12 inches below the adjoining grade, the walls of the pit or excavation shall be lined with concrete or masonry extending a minimum of                                   inches above adjoining grade.

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13. Unless listed for such an installation, a unit heater shall not be __________.

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14. Access shall be provided to the solar thermal equipment for                        purposes.

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15. Bored holes for the installation of piping shall be located at least                               inch(es) from the top and bottom of a solid wood joist.

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16. Floor furnaces shall not be installed in___________ construction built on grade.

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17. In the case of an approved existing mechanical system in a factory with qualified personnel,                                    for periodic alterations to the system.

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18. The required ventilation opening into a sauna room shall be a minimum of _____ inches by ______ inches and located near the top of the door.

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19. Ducts shall not be attached to vented wall furnaces ____________.

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20. Every occupied space shall be ventilated by natural or ____________ means

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21. Notches in the top or bottom of solid wood joists shall not be located in the middle                      of the span.

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22. Vented wall furnaces shall be located so that a door swing maintains a minimum clearance of ______ inches from any air inlet.

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23. Appliances that are part of the building mechanical system shall not be converted to a different fuel, except where approved and in accordance with the                             instructions.

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24. Potable water supplies to solar systems shall be protected against contamination in accordance with the                    .

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25. ______________ occupancy occurs where two or more occupancies are are located within the same building.

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26. UL 1482 is the appropriate reference standard for the listing and labeling of __________ and ____________

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27. The code official has the authority to __________ the provisions of the code.

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28. Where all solar system piping is a part of the potable water distribution system and all components of the solar system piping are listed for potable use, cross-connection protection measures are                        .

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29. Registers for floor furnaces shall be placed a minimum of ___________ inches from draperies and similar combustible materials.

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30. What is the minimum required size of a hearth extension for a factory-built fireplace?

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31. If the permit has not been issued, an application for a permit is considered abandoned __________ days after the date of filing.

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32. The purpose of this code is to provide _____________ standards to safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare.

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33. Unless otherwise protected from impact, appliances located in a public garage shall be installed a minimum of                       feet above the floor.

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34. Conversion of an appliance to a different fuel gas is allowed if in accordance with the                      instructions.

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35. The IFGC does not apply to ________________.

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36. Catwalks installed to provide the required access to rooftop equipment shall be a minimum of                 inches wide.

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37. Unless otherwise approved in accordance with Section 105, appliances regulated by this code shall be              .

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38. A mechanical combustion air system shall supply outdoor air at a rate not less than                 cfm per 1,000 Btu/h of total input rating of all appliances located within the space.

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39. An installation is not required to be brought into compliance if it is _________ at the time of adoption of the code.

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40. Unless located within a dwelling unit, rooms containing appliances shall be provided with a door and an unobstructed passageway measuring not less than                      inches wide and 80 inches high.

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41. Only in an emergency situation that poses an immediate hazard to life or property is the code official authorized to _______________.

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42. The __________ is not required on an application for a permit.

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43. Reduced clearance protective assemblies for gas appliances shall be placed a minimum of           inch(es) from the appliance.

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44. The code official is authorized to accept reports of inspection by ____________.

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45. Within dwelling units, unobstructed                        are permitted to convey combustion air.

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46. Cuts, notches and bored holes are prohibited in trusses except where                            .

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47. Notching at the ends of wood joists shall not exceed                         the joist depth.

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48. Condensate piping for fuel burning condensing appliances shall maintain a minimum horizontal slope of                 units vertical in 12 units horizontal.

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49. Where a space is provided outdoor combustion air through a single opening, a clearance of at least                      inches is required in front of the appliance.

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50. Where vehicles are capable of passing under an appliance installed in a public garage. the appliance shall be installed a minimum of                      inches higher than the tallest vehicle garage door opening.

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